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Basic Information of Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate

Basic Information

 Dicalcium phosphate, a chemical for phosphate and calcium reaction product, is white powder; odorless, tasteless, in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid soluble.

 English / Latin name: Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate
 Linsuanqinggai English name: Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate-1072 CaHPO4.2H2O 172.09 This product contains CaHPO4.2H2O should be 98.0% to 105.0%.
 Properties: white powder; odorless, tasteless. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol; in dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid, acetic acid soluble.
 Storage and validity: sealed.
 Uses: food industry to do leavening agent. Dough conditioner, buffer, nutritional supplement, emulsifier, stabilizer. Such as flour, cakes, pastries, baked products, leavening agent, compound modifier-type bread, fried food conditioner. Also used in biscuits, milk, cold drinks, ice cream powder, nutritional supplement or as a quality improver.
 Preparation / Specifications: calcium hydrogen phosphate tablets
 Category: calcium drugs.
 Identification: The product of the acid solution was calcium and phosphate (Appendix Ⅲ) identification of reaction.

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