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Calcium hydrogen phosphate industrial capacity expansion

Calcium hydrogen phosphate industrial capacity expansion
    Due to resource distribution factors, the main producing areas of Chinas Calcium hydrogen phosphate concentrated in Sichuan and Yunnan, Hubei, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hebei and other places also have a small supply. In the 1990s and 2005, both in the domestic Sichuan Calcium hydrogen phosphate industry occupies a pivotal position, and its total domestic sales accounted for 70% to 80%, but with the Sichuan region of high-quality phosphate rock resources and reduce environmental treatment costs increase, the higher its cost of production problems have been exposed, while Yunnan region with the advantage of more resources to obtain Calcium hydrogen phosphate investors. Yunnan in 2006 after the New Dragon, Golden, win prestige as the representatives of a number of enterprises gradually rise, the scope of its sales from the southern, central and gradually spread to the east, north or northeast region, the market share steadily increased, however, Sichuan DCP industry continues to occupy half of Chinas big, after all, Sichuan mainstream manufacturers with a good brand image, stable product quality and sales channels, there are still a number of loyal customers, Moreover, for the northwest, north, northeast and other regions as well as East users, buyers choose the freight advantage is an important reason why manufacturers in Sichuan.

    However, an earthquake accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, like the Gold River in Sichuan, Qingping Phosphate Hill severely damaged, unable to mining, post mining even recovered a small amount, but the transport is still a problem, so some companies have transported phosphorus from Yunnan and Guizhou ore, resulting in raw material supply is not stable enough, sudden cost increase. Lomon, Chuan Heng, HTC and other companies in the production base in quake-hit areas of the calcium hydrogen phosphate losses more directly, some plants have been seriously damaged, some manufacturers never stand up in the earthquake.

    Yunnan, like gold, win prestige and other major manufacturers will seize the opportunity to expand production to make up the supply gap, and the use of dicalcium phosphate prices soaring stage made huge profits, according to statistics, in 2008, Yunnan and Sichuan DCP production is almost equal Yunnan new dragon, gold and other manufacturers have become the new darlings of the industry Calcium hydrogen phosphate, Calcium hydrogen phosphate has mastered some of the domestic pricing, buying and selling system on the market over the years, the formation of a shock.

 In 2009, Yunnan Calcium hydrogen phosphate from the sales scale new heights, according to the companys plan of Yunnan, the end of 2009, its total production capacity will reach 1.2 million t, compared with only 400,000 in 2007 to increase t. Sichuan despite many adverse factors, but three good, Tsinghua University and a number of new backbone of the existence of its accumulation capacity remains around 1.2 million t, together with other regions to 500,000 t of production, domestic production capacity is expected to reach 3 million t, while, as Lomon still plans to expand production capacity plant in Hubei in 2010, domestic production capacity is expected to approach 3.5 million t line.

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