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Calcium hydrogen phosphate analysis of future prospects

Calcium hydrogen phosphate analysis of future prospects
    A demand growth prospects but the product mix could be improved
    Although Chinas economy there are some signs of recovery, the public enthusiasm for consumption is still insufficient, and farming, the feed industry in 2009 are not optimistic about the development of natural, domestic feed production and sales during the first half there was a certain decline in the second half even if the has been restored, the rates are relatively limited. Long term, the industrys average growth rate of feed is also very difficult to have optimistic expectations, on this basis, Calcium hydrogen phosphate will also increase demand for natural Pianman some mention of phytase in the foreseeable future five-year growth rate is still will be significantly faster than the same period in the feed industry demand growth, will continue to devour some of the potential demand for Calcium hydrogen phosphate.
    Of course, the growth in demand relative to the Calcium hydrogen phosphate sluggish domestic demand for calcium phosphate twelve or maintain a rapid growth, such as Sichuan Lomon, Guizhou, Sichuan and other established businesses With such constant product gives a fresh feeling.

    2 continue to adjust industrial structure
    As a fully competitive industry, Calcium hydrogen phosphate manufacturers most of the time in the future gross margins will be maintained at normal or low point level, in addition to management, technologies, sales affect profits, profits of the manufacturers of raw materials procurement is an important influence factors. Sichuan and Yunnan significant disadvantage compared to the raw materials, like most of the time this year, Yunnan Calcium hydrogen phosphate industry can maintain more than 10% gross margin, and a little careless manufacturers in Sichuan Province, will close to the loss of the edge, apparently Yunnan Phosphate Calcium manufacturers in the future will play an important role.

    3 changes in the pattern of marketing
    As part of the company expanding production capacity, production enterprises in the marketing strategy will gradually change. On the one hand, northern Sichuan product market monopoly situation will be further broken. On the other hand, the increasing scale in the feed industry, centralized context, dicalcium phosphate feed manufacturer direct business cooperation opportunities with more and more common. Traders to connect the terminal feed through the traditional enterprise sales model will not become mainstream. Perhaps in the future, traders in the market role of the media is also facing the pressure of being weakened in recent years, a lot of flat sales channels is a precedent.

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