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Phosphoric acid introduction
 Phosphoric acid or phosphoric acid (H3PO4), is a common inorganic acids, is in strong acid. By the phosphorus pentoxide soluble in hot water can be obtained. Phosphoric acid processing industry with apatite that was. Phosphoric acid in the air easily deliquescence. Heating will be pyrophosphate dehydration, water loss has been further metaphosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is mainly used for pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer and other industries, also used as chemical reagents.
 Chemical formula: H3PO4
 English name: Orthophosphoric acid, Phosphoric (5) acid
 Alias ​is phosphoric acid, the original phosphate
 CAS No. 7664-38-2
 Chemical formula: H3PO4
 Molecular weight: 98.0
 Appearance: white solid or colorless viscous liquid (> 42 ° C)
 Density: 1.685 g / ml (liquid)
 Melting Point: 42.35 ° C (316 K)
 Boiling point: 158 ° C (431 K) ((decomposition))
 pKa1: 2.12
 pKa2: 7.21
 pKa3: 12.67

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