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What is lutein

Lutein also known as "plant progesterone" in nature with zeaxanthin co-exist. Constitute the corn, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other major components of plant pigments, with the leaves of the chloroplast, light energy absorbed can be passed to chlorophyll a, presumably light oxidation, light damage to the protective effect. Constitute the human eye is the main pigment macular region.

Chinese name: lutein

English name: phytoxanthin; carotenol; carotol

Other names: carrots alcohol definition: the major carotenoids in plasma is one of several, evenly distributed in the high-density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein into. Dietary lutein esters in the small intestine through the common bile and pancreatic lipase lutein generated effects, is absorbed by intestinal mucosa.


Applied science: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (a subject); hormones and vitamins (two subjects)

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