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The human body to add the required amount of lutein

The human body to add the required amount of lutein:
 As the light exposure, short light (blue) on the human body hurt a lot, consume a lot of lutein per day, while in the human body can not synthesize lutein, 18mg per day must be added to meet the loss of lutein.



 Lutein is a widely present in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other natural plant material, living in the "carotenoid class" family matter, are known to exist in nature, more than 600 types of carotenoids of which only about 20 species exist in human blood and tissues. Found in the body of carotenoids include α-carotene, β a carrot type, cryptoxanthin, lutein, lycopene, and are not luteinized. Medical experiments show that the plant contains lutein is an excellent natural anti-oxidant in food by adding a certain amount of lutein may protect the aging cell aging and body organs, but can also prevent age-related macular degeneration eye cause of vision loss and blindness, through a series of medical research, carotenoids have been suggested as a cancer prevention agent, life extension agents, agents against ulcers, heart attacks and coronary artery disease resistance agent. Also, lutein can be used as feed additives for poultry meat and eggs coloring, but also in the food industry as a coloring agent and nutritional health.

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