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Lutein processing technic and properties

Lutein processing technic

 Currently, sold on the market mainly from marigold flower lutein deep processing technic

 Processing technic as follows:

 Harvesting marigold flowers - enzyme - dehydration - drying - granulation - low leaching - lutein extract - package.

  Low-temperature leaching processing technology can be divided into 4 sub-critical low temperature solvent extraction (Anyang City, patented technology Regent Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.) and 6 solvent extraction, the two processing compared to the 4 sub-critical cryogenic solvent oil extraction method from leaf indicators of the active ingredient in the ointment flavin-trans-lutein was relatively high, can effectively reduce the waste of resources, processing methods should be promoted.

 Chemical properties of lutein
 A chemical name
 33 - two by the base-α-carotene.
 2 Molecular structure of
 Lutein structure

 3 Formula

 4 Molecular weight:

 Other attributes
 Insoluble in water, soluble in fats and fatty solvents. Pure lutein as yellow crystals grid edge, with metallic luster, the light and unstable hydrogen, to be stored in a cool dry place, dark seal

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