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Source of lutein

 Lutein (lutein), botanical substances in the field of prospects, but now are people of all ages. Lutein is not only an inhibition of cancer and heart disease risk as anti-oxidants, and in the protection of the eyes, too, play a very important role. Lutein is present within the eye of an important carotenoid. According to "Ophthalmology" Recent reports, including lutein and cataract prevention and treatment of food protection because of age spots caused by degeneration of the eyes.


 Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) people over the age of 65, is to become the first cause of blindness forever. United States 13 million people suffering from symptoms of ARMD, it is estimated 120 million people caught the disease, visual impairment. With the increase in population over the age of 65, it is estimated that by 2050 will double, coming from national health point of view, this issue is important. Now, can prevent ARMD means yet. However, by increasing the foods high in lutein intake, have reduced the likelihood of ARMD.


 Lutein is not only to prevent the effect of ARMD, and is considered to have a therapeutic effect of this eye disease. U.S. CVA treatment of central vision inspection departments leadership, Stewartry Dr. Charles conducted on food in lutein-rich foods can restore eye disorder caused by ARMD. Richard has been the discovery in February 1999 meeting of the American vision examiner southern Committee published its annual meeting. One said: "As long as increased lutein-rich food photography for quantity, the patients visual function appeared good results."

 Richard to take subjects in a week photography spinach four to seven times, every 5 ounces (140 grams), the observed 3 months, found that visual function has been restored.

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