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Paprika Oleoresin main component

The main component
Paprika Oleoresin composition
Pepper color substance is mainly Capsanthin. Paprika Oleoresin is present in the pepper in the carotenoid pigments, accounting for 0.2% -0.5 peel peppers. Foreign scholars have studied the pepper carotenoid pigment in-depth and meticulous research. Isolated from pepper in more than 50 carotenoids, which have been identified more than 30 carotenoids. Studies have shown that the main component of Paprika Oleoresin is capsanthin, pepper Yuhong Su. In general, Paprika Oleoresin (Color Price 10000 units) has the following average indicators: 80% a 85% fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, myristic acid composition; vitamin E0 .6% to 1.0%; Vitamin C 0. 2% a 1.1%; protein (TN) 140 - 170mg/l00g samples; carotenoids 11.2% a 15.5%, mainly capsanthin, pepper Yuhong Su, R-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, etc., of which capsanthin and chilli prime Yuhong the total of 50% to 60%.
 Ripe fruit of different varieties of pepper carotenoid content varied widely, pepper fruits of different maturity in the total carotenoids, the red carotenoids (capsanthin, pepper Yuhong Su) content and chlorophyll content has a significant The changes result from the early to fully mature fruit, total carotenoids and red carotenoids, respectively, by 66, 124 times, while the chlorophyll content to near zero when mature, the proportion of red and yellow, from 0.22 to 1.34. Thus used to extract the ripe fruit of red pepper Paprika Oleoresin.


Capsanthin the formula C40H56O3, molecular weight is 584.85 
Yuhong Su pepper formula is C40H56O4, molecular weight is 600.85

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