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Main quality indicators of Paprika Oleoresin
Main quality indicators:
 Item  Unit  Indicators
 Oil-soluble: water-soluble
 Solubility : oil-soluble water-soluble
 Dark red dark red oily liquid state liquid
 Color value E [460nm] 66.80.100
 Absorption ratio A470/454> 1.000> 0.98> 1.000> 0.98
 Lead mg / kg <0.1 <0.1
 Arsenic mg / kg <0.2 <0.2
 Mercury mg / kg <0.01 <0.01
 Not spicy, bright color, performance, stability, heat resistance, good resistance to light, from PH value change, strong staining for oil products. In addition to the product after repeated taste, refined, although a slight odor, add in the product, without any taste.
 Spices, cream products, meat products, seafood, biscuits surface coloring, can also be used with the feed, cosmetics and so on.
 In biscuit production process, the need for injection, pigment can be added according to the ratio of 1/400--1/100 oil, cookies can improve the gloss, and orange-yellow, the color more vivid is the product, has been widely applications, applications and other products according to the normal amount needed to add.
 The product temperature reached 140 degrees Celsius in slightly faded, note in the production process

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