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Paprika Oleoresin source and nature

Paprika Oleoresin alias red pepper is a fruit found in mature red pepper in the four terpenes orange red pigment, is a carotenoid pigments. Capsanthin bright color, the color high prices, strong coloring, color effect, not only widely used in aquatic products, meat, pastry, salad, canned food, beverages and other food coloring, but also can effectively extend the simulation of food shelf life, and safe.Paprika Oleoresin with nutrition and health effects, and is the modern scientific proven anti-cancer, anti-radiation function and good development prospects. 
 Paprika Oleoresin source and nature

1 source
     Paprika Oleoresin is a red pepper Solanaceae get an orange peel in an orange-red natural red pigment, lutein classes are oxygenated derivatives of conjugated multi-olefin, the main constituent of capsanthin (capsanthin) and pepper Yuhong Su (capsorubin). Before it is extracted, stored in a complete pepper fruit tissue, because there are certain elements within the cell membrane and cell protection and the formation of lipids, when Paprika Oleoresin is extracted, due to loss of cell membranes and other biological protection mechanisms, Capsanthin under aerobic conditions may arise from oxidation, and external factors will accelerate the oxidation and decomposition and fading. Spicy chili pepper red pigment and other factors and because of the content of pepper varieties, origin, harvest time and drying conditions vary. Most of the current extraction Paprika Oleoresin capsicum is capsanthin and Yuhong Su as the main mixture.
2 Properties
     Paprika Oleoresin is a special smell of dark red viscous oily liquid, non-spicy, but spicy fragrance. Capsanthin soluble in most of the non-volatile oil, partly soluble in ethanol, acetone, hexane and other organic solvents, insoluble in water and glycerol on the stability of visible light, ultraviolet light fade, Fe3 +, Cu2 +, CO2 + can promote their fading, can be formed in case Pb3 + precipitation.
     Pure Capsanthin is shiny dark red needle-like crystals, was orange, orange color, is a carotenoid pigments, the main ingredient and content: about 50% capsanthin, pepper Yuhong Su about 8.3%, corn yellow mass of about 14%, β-carotene of approximately 13.9%, about 5.5% implicit quality pepper, plus pepper flavin, flavin TH Lai, pepper coloring fatty acid esters, glycol esters capsanthin, capsanthin two olein esters, etc., can be used as red food coloring, not esterified capsanthin higher than the bioavailability of esterified capsanthin. Pepper fruit at different times in the maturation process, a variety of carotenoids (β-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, capsanthin) content is different, which in its growth process of the first 9 weeks (calculated from flowering onwards) , capsanthin content of 19 000 μg/100 g, 60% of the total carotenoids.

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