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The application of Paprika Oleoresin
The application of Paprika Oleoresin
     From the pepper extract natural pigment, its safety has been recognized worldwide. Combined with the FAO (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) will be classified as Class A Capsanthin pigment, not to be limited in use. Chinas food hygiene regulations, Capsanthin both for oily foods, sauces, processed aquatic products, vegetable products, jelly, ice cream, butter, margarine, cheese, salad, sauce, rice products, baked goods and other food processing in, but also widely used in feed, food simulation, prevention of radiation, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. At present, Japans annual demand for Capsanthin about 260 t, with annual sales of about 23 billion yen; the United States, including capsanthin, including the natural pigment than $ 200 million annual sales have closed; China is Capsanthin Datong production of raw materials, the demand for red pigment is a big country. Therefore, the development and application of Capsanthin has great economic benefits and broad market prospects.
 Paprika Oleoresin application in the food industry
     Paprika Oleoresin for drinks, jelly, soy sauce and sugar and other foods, not only non-toxic side effects on the human body, and can increase the body carotenoid compounds, have some nutritional value. Paprika Oleoresin use characteristics: uniform color, with the more stable, bright color and lively, good brightness, in the food industry has broad application prospects, especially in the soy sauce and other food applications better.
     Some scholars have studied the Capsanthin in food coloring effect, experimental results show that food for 3 months, the surface layer and so almost no floating phenomenon, cooking fish soup the color red.
     Japan and China have developed not only has good stability, but also has excellent color effects, convenience, no additives, coloring agents beverage with pepper.
Paprika Oleoresin food applications in the simulation
     Paprika Oleoresin is not only bright color, the color high prices, strong coloring, safe non-toxic, high stability, light, heat, acid, can effectively extend the shelf life of foods simulation, and its wide variety of sources, the price cheap, food is the ideal simulation of a natural food coloring.

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