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Emu oil's history and research
Emu oils history and research
More than eight thousand years ago, emus (Australian ostrich) have grown on the land in todays Australia. Emu Australias Aboriginal provide protein-rich meat, hides and extraction of oil. Soil civil emu oil to heal wounds, moist skin, analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Soil surface to thousands of people have been using emu oil to treat skin and muscle disease. Europeans are also in use since the seventeenth century in Emu oil.
   Today, we use artificial breeding methods in the United States a large number of breeding emus, from a living "dinosaur" was the emu oil, will be able to create the miracle of the twentieth century. It has deep penetration ability, to heal burns, cuts, rashes and other skin diseases. Emu oil also has analgesic effects on muscle pain; for injuries caused due to sports activities, arthritis, bursitis, and tendon go far due to arthritis have therapeutic effects. This prehistoric bird, the future of American agriculture, the development of new drugs, health products, beauty products and analgesic products, is playing a significant role.
   1981, U.S. Texas Fan Depu City, canyon ranch rancher Yadai Er - and Heidi Nelson - Mr. Nelson first began artificial breeding emus, for the U.S. market a new generation of meat products soon, they use scientific methods of farming and rich experience, began to study some emu oil rich in nutrients and contains emu oil characteristics, treatment and what the practical application of nutritional value. They also designed a device, the processing of oil refining to the standard drugs, a Nelson found that the things contained in the feed nutrient emu emu oil for treatment of the material contained in the percentage greatly. Processing methods to add or correct or not return to destroy the beneficial characteristics of emu oil.
   Meanwhile, in Australia, George - Huo Bodai, MD, West Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Olin Laboratory, Ai Dyer laboratory, University of Western Australia Cordingly and some other universities, Pitt - Gao Xi Boshi, etc., are all properties of Emu Oil extensive research, they also believe that nutrition feeding emu and emu oil processing methods on the quality greatly. Today, with emu oil treatment of various skin diseases, burns, arthritis, sports injuries and cardiovascular disease appear obvious effect, and the people for the unique characteristics of emu oil generated interest, encouraging people to carry out further research and Emu oil products.
   In 1992, Nelson, and a marketing expert Howard and Pat Wood - London organized a company, "Grand Canyon global company," the organizations basic purpose is to study the beginning of Nelson continued their down; build a most advanced emu oil processing facilities; preparation, production and treatment, health, beauty, analgesic products; and to bring these products to the world.
  Since March 1996, Grand Canyon, Universal processing system using their own design and production of edible grade standards to drugs PREMULATUM emu oil. In addition, they also PREMULATUM emu oil added to high-quality ingredients, produce and market more than a dozen products for the treatment of severe skin diseases, wound healing, moisturizing and pain. These products are for wholesale and retail to health professionals, but also dedicated to the worlds consumers.

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