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The feature of emu oil
  Emu fat layer produces cysts with their own bodies, which is almost the same saddle blanket, the biochemical composition of this layer of the employers, to a large extent, depend on birds to eat the food, different food, can increase or decrease the emu oil smoke and healing properties. If processing more than 320 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity, emu oil, oysters do these features will be lost. Grand Canyon Universal designed specifically for emu birds a special diet, special processing equipment with emu oil. They designed a special diet, to promote emu oil contains more anti-inflammatory and healing effects since the ingredients.
   Why have a role emu oil? How does it work? Although the product patent statement, emu oil has anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterol and other functions, but the mechanism of these effects is unknown. Research in this area costly, time-consuming and the results are often proprietary, non-share, due to this reason, our study mentioned here are just a beginning. If we want to emu oil characterized as compliance with FDA regulations for drugs, and must have more extensive research results as a basis. In the U.S., there are many well-known natural products, like vitamins, health food, etc., have been after a lot of research and clinical development of products; but so far do not allow any clear information of its therapeutic products, emu oil is on the many natural products in a "medical miracle."
Do not plug the skin pore
   In 1993, the University of Texas Medical School (Houston) Laboratory on occupational skin Emu skin pore is blocked Shan gave a test, the test, including emu oil content of 25%, 50% , 75% and 100% four. The results reported: "According to experimental observations and the organizational structure of the test, we found that the experimental test of emu oil content from 25% to 100%, do not plug the skin pore."
Anti-inflammatory effect
   Australia and the United States, some laboratory experiments and analysis have confirmed that emu oil has the ability to eliminate arthritis, Emu oil naturally contains large amounts of linoleic acid (which can reduce muscle soreness and joint pain), and oleic acid (with the elimination of The role of local inflammation).

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