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Flaxseed oil and perilla seed oil difference

Flaxseed oil and perilla seed oil  difference
 1, for the promotion of fetal and infant mental and visual development, mainly α-linolenic acid into DHA metabolic role, as perilla seed oil content of α-linolenic acid higher than linseed oil, perilla oil than flax so oil better.
 2, if the infant oral buy to eat, it is recommended to try to buy a bottle of perilla seed oil, if the baby is not acceptable, for linseed oil, because the taste is due to a child development, so the sooner the baby food, baby easier accept this oil smell.
 3, the difference in taste: the taste of flaxseed oil a little bitter, but most people can accept, the taste of perilla seed oil was considered a very strong fragrance of basil seeds taste, some people think that the taste of some basil oil smell, if not direct oral, which can be used.
 4, flaxseed oil and perilla oil effect in most respects the same, but the flaxseed oil has good anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, perilla seed oil has a good effect Liver Liver.

The notes of edible Flaxseed oil
 1, cold storage: after opening bottles of flaxseed oil stored in the refrigerator.
  2, easily oxidized: open bottle after a short period of time as the oil runs out, and pay attention to the cap after each use cover.
 3, from light: avoid closing high temperature or direct sunlight.
 4, without heating: edible linseed oil can not be heated, should also not suitable for heating heat too long, so as not to destroy its nutrients.
 5, resulting in precipitation: high-quality of flaxseed oil may contain a small amount of sediment, this is a normal phenomenon, not a deterioration.
 6, the smell of linseed oil wok heat of the moment will have a faint smell of fish, rich in a-linolenic acid which is a significant feature.

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