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Computer users eat flaxseed oil

Computer users eat flaxseed oil
 Today, white-collar workers who every day at the computer, vision, mental and physical health are seriously threatened. To deal with this common problem, the Japanese discovered a very effective way, not massage, not to drink carrot juice, but eat more flaxseed oil. Nutrition experts suggest that computer users should learn the Japanese eye brain, try to eat flaxseed oil. Reporters in the city Neiwoerma, Ito, Isetan supermarket, organic flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, camellia oil dazzling, consumers great choice. Experts say the biggest advantage is that linseed oil to protect their eyesight and brain, thanks to its rich in α-linolenic acid, although it is an essential fatty acid, but the body and can not be synthesized only by dietary intake. In addition, regular adequate intake of α-linolenic acid can effectively prevent hyperlipidemia and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improve the oxygen carrying capacity of cells, soften blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, but also has anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol and so on.

 Organic Flaxseed Oil
 Organic Flaxseed Oil is a natural selection of high quality organic flaxseed, a professional technology by low temperature filtration bottling from cold-pressed, rich in plant-derived ω-3 linolenic acid and ω-6 linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids and other natural ingredients, long-term consumption of a balanced nutrition, increase physical health. Taste of pure organic linseed oil, in order to obtain optimum nutrition and taste, can be directly consumed or eaten with other foods cold, avoid high heat.

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