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The difference between fish oil and cod liver oil

The difference between fish oil and cod liver oil
 Fish oil and cod liver oil is completely different. The main components of fish oil EPA and DHA, which is the main component of cod liver oil vitamin A and D, different components have different uses and the natural effect. Fish oil is mainly used to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and brain; and cod liver oil is used to combat night blindness and rickets.

 The difference between fish oil and algae oil
 Although fish oil and algae oil are an important source of DHA, but there are obvious differences.
 From the source terms, algae oil is artificially cultivated from marine unicellular algae extracted directly, without the food chain, and not involved in the marine environment, without any pigment, safety and no pollution, and fish oil extracted from fish fat , the growth process by the presence of mercury and other industrial toxins, or process in the food chain may be contaminated; on the DHA content, DHA algal oil DHA ≥ 35g/100g, the DHA content of fish oil is about 3-10 times the DHA content of fish oil is 3.6-12.5g/100g, impurities; in nature, pure vegetable DHA strong antioxidant capacity, is not easy to become fishy, easy to absorb, fish oil is lively nature, become easily oxidized fishy; for people on, DHA algal oil is also especially suitable for fetuses, infants, fish oil only suitable for adults and the elderly.

  Marteks algal oil DHA is widely recognized around the world, FDA GRAS approval for the U.S. market its infant formula and food; the same time the European Union, Canada, Australia / New Zealand has approved it for food. (For example, COFCO Fortune DHA algal oil is used in this FDA-approved technology)

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