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The difference between deep sea fish oil and fish oil

The difference between fish oil and drugs
Fish oil is a natural functional health food. Although it can alleviate even the treatment of many diseases, the role, but the objective difference is that with the drug: it does not have to prescribed medication, it is not strictly dose, time, taking methods, and treatment requirements, healthy people can take to prevent diseases, strong body, the sick person taking the disease can be alleviated. And most important difference is that it does not bring drugs to the body side effects.
The difference between deep sea fish oil and fish oil
Fish Oil:
The main active ingredient in fish oil called Omega-3, but this ingredient is only in the natural growth of fish was relatively abundant, especially species eat algae parade better. Because of this, Alaska and Norways wild salmon (ie salmon or salmon) became the highest type of species, which is why we use a majority of Alaskas fish symbol, in addition to fish oil rich variety of products, you can meet different ages.
Fish oil ingredients
The main components of fish oil EPA and DHA, EPA is Eicosapntemacnioc Acid is the abbreviation of eicosapentaenoic acid, DHA is Docosahexaenoic Acid that docosahexaenoic acid abbreviation. They are not popular names, only the chemical name. EPA and DHA belong to the same Ω-3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids, is the bodys own synthesis but indispensable nutrients, so called essential fatty acids. Although linolenic acid in the human body can be converted into EPA, DHA, but this reaction in the body is slow and the conversion of small amounts, can not satisfy the human body to EPA, DHA needs must be added directly from food.
 Cod liver oil:
 English name COD LIVER OIL
Source (formula) and the standard: the strains from the sharks and other non-toxic marine animals Squalidae proposed a fatty liver oil, at 0 ℃ and take off some solid fat, the use of refined edible vegetable oil, cod liver oil or vitamin concentrations higher adjust the concentration of A and vitamin D3, together with an appropriate amount of stabilizer is made. Each 1g contains the labeled amount of vitamin A should be 90.0% or more; vitamin D should be labeled amount of 85.0%.
Properties: yellow to orange-red clear liquid; slight specific fish stench, but no lost oil smell. Refining of oil from the fish liver. Cod liver oil also includes broad whales, seals and other sea animals liver oil. Room temperature, yellow transparent liquid, slightly fishy. Commonly used in the prevention of night blindness, corneal softening, rickets and osteomalacia disorders, upper respiratory tract mucosal tissue such as skin also has a protective effect. It mainly consists of unsaturated fatty acid glycerides form a higher degree, in addition to small amounts of phospholipids and unsaponifiable matter. Cod, turbot and other fish liver oil on the international production of traditional raw materials. Chinas main use of shark, rays, large yellow croaker, horse mackerel and triggerfish.

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