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 Greenland in the Arctic Ocean, is a silver ice and snow world, the islands indigenous peoples living Eskimos fishing for a living, they are extremely difficult to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. On medical common sense, eat fruits and vegetables Eat less animal fat and prone to cardiovascular disease. But in fact the contrary, the Eskimos are not only physical health, but they were hard to find high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and other diseases. This strange phenomenon is also found in a Japanese island fishermen who, Just a coincidence? There is no necessary link? Scientists have had a strong interest in more than ten years of painstaking research, the answer finally found the original and they eat the fish contained substances that EPA, DHA. These two substances found in medicine and nutrition to bring a major breakthrough.

 Knowledge of Chinese herbal medicines
 Drug name fish oil
 Alias​​: fish fat
 Pinyin: yu you
 Fossil plants and animals, the Latin name:
 1.Dasyatis akajei (Muller et Henle)
 2.Dasyatis uarnak (Forskal)
 Efficacy: blood; lipid-lowering
 Branch is a Category: Stingray Division
 Indications: hyperlipidemia; hypertension; coronary heart disease; cerebral embolism and treatment
 1 warm rays of the underlying class, muddy sand habitat near the bottom, the staple food of shellfish and crustaceans, living in deep water at winter and summer migratory in shallow waters within the Bay, sometimes going up river, but also live in fresh water.
 2 large rays warm water class underlying habitat in coastal waters, ovoviviparous.
  Harvesting and storage: fish catch, the caesarean section to remove fat, boil oil.
 Resource distribution:
 1 are distributed along the coast of China.
 2 I do publish in the East China Sea and South China Sea.

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