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The role of natural garlic oil

The role of natural garlic oil
 1, the prevention of cardiovascular disease
 A group of sulfur compounds in garlic (hereinafter referred to as garlic extract) can inhibit hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis HMGCOA role, and thus to reduce blood cholesterol (high blood cholesterol, arteriosclerosis constitute heart disease, high blood pressure the most important factor). Garlic extract with powerful anti-thrombotic activity, for myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and venous aneurysms are a satisfactory control effect.
 2, diabetes
 Diabetes is due to the bodys metabolism of glucose is a problem, leaving the blood sugar rise of disease, mainly due to insufficient insulin secretion or insulin sensitivity of cells to decrease, leading to cell can not effectively use glucose, which led to the rise in blood sugar. Scientists have discovered that garlic extract can significantly inhibit the formation of certain enzymes of glucose, but it helps the liver and glucose metabolism-related enzymes, since garlic can also make blood triglyceride levels decreased.
 3, protect the liver
 The volatile oil of garlic on the CCI4, galactosamine-induced liver toxicity in mouse liver cell injury model showed a good anti-hepatotoxic activity. Garlic on liver function (especially the detoxification function) has a strong enhancement, and thus liver disease (especially hepatitis, especially chronic hepatitis) has a good effect.
 4, anti-tumor
 Garlic and its active ingredients not only can inhibit cancer substances such as nitrosamines synthesis in the body and protect the tissue damage caused by nitrosamines, and directly on the tumor cells in vitro. Garlic can also enhance the immune response in cancer patients, to prevent the cancer cells multiply and spread.

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