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Garlic oil main nutritional effect

Garlic oil is a selection of high quality raw materials to highly concentrated garlic extract is made of a transparent amber volatile oils.

Since ancient times it was used as a natural fungicide, known as a natural antibiotic. For thousands of years in China, Egypt, India and other countries will garlic both as food and as traditional medicine applications. Through years of research found that the main component of garlic oil loin (garlic) has the volatile odor has a strong bactericidal, antibacterial, for the perfect natural powerful antimicrobial agent, long-term use can prevent colds and a variety of bacterial infections. At the same time, inhibit gastrointestinal bacteria, stomach and intestines to help stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, promote appetite, speed up digestion. In addition, can also promote blood circulation, to warm, to prevent blood clots, high blood pressure purposes.

The main nutritional effect of garlic oil:

First, the garlic oil containing "Aho-ene" can help lower cholesterol and blood lipids, increase blood vessel elasticity and lower blood pressure, reduce platelet aggregation, heart attack.

Second, as a broad-spectrum natural antibiotics, anti-bacterial, anti-infection, improve immune function, especially for lung, stomach, liver infection and microbial infection.

Third, make islet β-cell proliferation, endogenous insulin secretion, can regulate blood sugar, remove the excess glucose in the blood and reduce the onset of diabetes.

Fourth, with the combination of fat, bowel, detoxification, clean the blood, remove the body of impurities.

Fifth, effective removal of acne and reduce infection.

Six, for cold symptoms, reduce infection, fever, cough, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, and nasal congestion, can effectively relieve cold symptoms.

Seven, allicin can reduce nitrite levels and suppression of gastric nitrite-reducing bacteria, so that various types of gastrointestinal inflammation ease, and to bowel,
Eight, detoxification, purify the blood. 30% reduction and 50% of gastric cancer onset.

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