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Effectiveness and application of garlic oil

Effectiveness and application of garlic oil

 Over the past decade, about 1800 clinical and scientific reports from around the world, many experiments also found in the promotion of the benefits of garlic oil. In fact, in March 1991 in Berlin, Germany, free college, hold a second seminar of the World Conference of garlic, then more than thirty published studies from around the world the essence. Prior to this, "garlic and its components on the importance of health," the first world conference held in Washington in the United States. Seen an increasing number of studies support the benefits of garlic on the human body. Garlic oil has been proven the most major benefits for maintaining health, and maintain it in the fight against infection. The health of the cardiovascular system is also very effective.

 1, the circulatory system - the prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, reduce blood fat, prevent blood clots

 2, the respiratory system - the prevention of colds, bronchial mucous membrane protection

 3, the nervous system - the prevention of neuralgia, back pain, sciatica

 4, the digestive system - to promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, stomach and intestines, preventing food poisoning

 5, the immune system - increases resistance to viral, parasites (roundworm, pinworm, etc.), micro-bacteria infection.

 The main effect

 First, lower cholesterol and blood lipids, increase blood vessel elasticity and lower blood pressure, reduce platelet aggregation and reduce heart attack.

 Second, with a strong bactericidal effect, especially for lung, stomach infections and microbial infection.

 Third, can regulate blood sugar, reduce diabetes onset, and 30% reduction and 50% of gastric cancer onset.

 Fourth, with the combination of fat, bowel, detoxification, clean the blood, remove the body of impurities.

 Fifth, effective removal of acne and reduce infection.

 Sixth, for fever, pain, cough, sore throat and stuffy nose and other cold symptoms

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