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Basic information of safflower seed oil
Safflower seed oil
Safflower seed oil (Safflowerseed Oil) is the dried ripe fruit from safflower extract a high quality edible oil, with significantly lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and nourish skin health effects of unique features.
Recognize safflower
Safflower is an annual Asteraceae herbs.
Safflower plants were coronal, stem strong, average height 74 ~ 90cm, more branches. Leaves are oval, cone and crescent, leaf margin dentate, petiole short, most varieties of leaf margin and petiole of the Health and spikes. The top of the flower stems and branches ball, outside the barbed husk tightly wrapped. Bouquets and more cylindrical cone, the diameter is generally 2 ~ 4cm, endogenous tubular, reddish, orange, orange, yellow, yellow, white and other colors. Seed for the achenes, rectangular-shaped, white seed coat color points, beige, gray, black, dark brown, flowering 6-7 months each year, the fruit is 8-9 months.
The main constituent elements of safflower production plant flowers for the number of balls, each ball flower seeds, grain weight and so on. Research shows that the average spend per plant for 20 to 30 balls, each ball end 15 to 30 flowers seeds, the average grain weight 30 ~ 45g. Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences for more than 2,600 submissions from 50 countries study safflower resources to spend a minimum of only two balls, the largest of 90. The lowest grain weight 13g, maximum 90g. This shows that the productivity differences between the larger plant.
Safflower growth period is divided into rosette stage, elongation, branching period, flowering and maturity. The length of each period due to species and ecological conditions vary. Safflower to adapt to the wide range of temperature, both cultivated in temperate regions, can also be hot or cold areas than planting. 4.4 ℃ can seed germination, seedling is very cold. From the branches to the flowering and seed stage, the relatively high temperature requirements. Tests showed that temperature significantly affect the yield, seed oil content and oil composition. Safflower as a long-day plants, benefit from low latitudes to high latitudes of the northern South introduction.

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