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Natural moistening of safflower seed oil
Natural moistening
Safflower seed oil is easily absorbed by the body itself does not contain cholesterol, linoleic acid and its fatty acid composition is mainly unsaturated fatty acids; the same time, it is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidants, its body cell division, aging plays an important role; people eat in a long time (to) use the process can be continued to nourish the skin (non-moisture), a comprehensive skin nutrition supplement ingredients. In fact, many high-end beauty products skin care products, especially the main ingredient is safflower oil.
Chinese safflower
Safflower as a new oil crops, mainly grown in China, India, the Near East, South Africa, Australia and North and South America and other places. Planting flowers in China over 2,000 years of history, now Xinjiang, Yunnan, Henan, Sichuan and other places have flowers planted. China as the worlds major producing areas of safflower, safflower production accounts for about 80% of the world.
Safflower is a hi light salinity, drought resistance and adaptability of the plant, and the unique geography of Xinjiang for the flowers grow just provide a good environment, but also achievements in Xinjiang as the main producing areas of China the status of safflower, The planting area accounts for more than 90%. As the unique properties of safflower resources, Chinas first tank of safflower seed oil on the real product was born in Xinjiang.
Xinjiang safflower
Xinjiangs traditional high-quality planting safflower base amount for the tower basin, northwestern Xinjiang, Tacheng Yumin County in Xinjiang region of the main saffron producing areas, the climate can not be copied and soil conditions created the famous "Heights no thorn flowers. "

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