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Production methods of coenzyme Q10

Production methods

1977 to achieve a microbial fermentation coenzyme Q10. This production process is considered the most promising synthesis, microbial fermentation in recent years developed into a hot spot at home and abroad. Very red hair bacteria, nitrogen and very gross bacteria, methane bacteria is the production of micro-ring main strains of coenzyme Q10.
Semi-synthetic method
The current development process is a semi-synthetic method of methyl bromide by phenol as raw materials, etherification, oxidation to obtain methyl-dimethoxybenzene wake up, and then with the leaves from tobacco or potato extract Solanesyl condensation coenzyme Q10. This method is the key to how the side chain connected to the parent ring.
The whole synthesis
1988 Eem and Kanan developed the production of coenzyme Q10 synthetic process is the only successful synthesis of all technical, but synthetic linear unsaturated side chain as there is a certain difficulty. And harsh synthetic conditions, there is a certain distance and industrialization .
Biological extraction
Alcohol a manufacturing method of the alkaline saponification process yield of coenzyme Q10 61.2mglkg fresh pig heart, which is the commonly used technology. In the presence of ethanol, saponification may lead to long coenzyme Q10 in the methoxy and ethoxy ethanol conversion, to generate single or double ethoxy derivatives, in order to avoid the generation of these impurities. Can be used instead of NaOH and KOH methanol saponification, but no stone must be added focus of the acid, or coenzyme Q10 in the saponification process has been completely destroyed, adding the starting material accounted for 5% -7%, saponification process can pass into the nitrogen . Alcohol a mixture of ether extraction, alkaline saponification of the manufacturing process alcohol a method similar process, but eliminating the saponification reaction. Biological extraction method is the most basic of the worlds oldest production process, some time was the only coenzyme Q10 production methods. However, due to low levels of coenzyme Q10 in plants and animals, a variety of complex chemical composition, limited sources of raw materials (mainly from animal fresh liver extract), so the high production costs, expensive, large-scale production has been somewhat restricted.

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