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Functional uses of coenzyme Q10

Functional uses

In recent years, studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 has anti-tumor effect, clinical for advanced metastatic cancer have a certain efficacy in the prevention of coronary heart disease, ease periodontitis, treatment of duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer, strengthen the immune system function, and ease angina have a significant effect.
Because coenzyme Q10 in the U.S. and European markets is a OTC product, and there are multiple well-designed clinical trials have shown that oral administration of coenzyme Q10 on a variety of beneficial cardiovascular disease, so based on its efficacy and safety and reliability features, even for a long time oral high-dose coenzyme Q10, patients can be well tolerated.
Argentina recently conducted by the Institute of Neuroscience meaningful research have shown that in hypertensive patients, within an hour of oral 100mg of coenzyme Q10 can enhance the treatment of brain and agility.
Protect the heart
Coenzyme Q-10 helps to provide sufficient oxygen for the heart, prevent heart attack, myocardial ischemia, especially in the process of coenzyme Q10 play a key role.
Increase in wrinkles, skin aging and Q10 content related to lower levels, the more easy to aging skin, facial wrinkles more. Intake through oral to Q10, Q10 when the cells that contain enough energy metabolism will be enhanced, free radical scavenging, ease wrinkles worse. In addition, coenzyme Q10 can also be rubbed with the skin care products, improve the external cells can increase the absorption of coenzyme Q10, thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles.

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