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Ginkgo biloba extract in the role of beauty

Ginkgo biloba extract (flavonoids) in the role of beauty

Ginkgo in many skin care brands and health care products, the ingredients can be found in Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo biloba extract the following benefits:
First, the white side
In poor physical condition, our easy to endocrine disorders, disorders, when the body of excess oxygen free radicals, but superoxide dismutase (SOD) insufficient, leading to excessive oxygen free radicals and oxidation dermis cells reaction, the formation of a large number of lipofuscin (lipid peroxidation), resulting in pregnancy, or chloasma spots.
Ginkgo biloba contains flavonoids that can hinder the formation of pigment in the dermis and calm, and prevention of skin whitening pigment plaque role. In addition to flavonoids, the ginkgo leaf manganese, molybdenum and other trace elements, can also scavenge oxygen free radicals and inhibit melanoma growth.
Second, the wrinkles side
About the bodys skin needs completely updated last 3 months or so, but why, we still face a small fine lines it will be annoying? The reason is that students form the dermal layer of the new cells to the skin surface has not arrived when it has been too much free radical oxidation, when it arrived to the epidermis was already part of the aging cells. Previously mentioned flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba is a free radical scavenger, can protect the dermal layer of cells and improve blood circulation, prevent cell oxidation wrinkles.
Ginkgo biloba contains three additional essential amino acids, and essential amino acids is the synthesis of collagen material. The skin luster and elasticity in the skin collagen content and the number has a close relationship.

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