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The role of wolfberry extract
The role of wolfberry extract
With anti-tumor effect
Wolfberry extract of carcinogen-induced mutations are inhibitory rates were 91.8% and 82.6%. By cells was observed in vitro biological effects on cancer cells wolfberry, wolfberry fruit that human gastric adenocarcinoma, cervical cancer cells were significantly inhibited, medlar radiation combined with radiotherapy has obvious synergies.
With anti-aging effects
Modern theory of aging, the aging process caused by the degradation of immune function with age is mainly due to the growth of the thymus atrophy thymus is a major part of aging. Wolfberry polysaccharides in the wolfberry, the main choice of role in the human body and thymus T cells, LBP can capture into mature cells increase in the number and enhance the emptying, the increased transfer of thymocytes week out, you can reverse the aging thymus degeneration . LBP can also enhance bone marrow function, so the medlar has anti-aging effects. 30 randomly selected people over the age of 60 or daily oral administration of medlar medlar sauce 30g, even for two months, the results show that after taking fatigue, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms improved cold workability long-term take, many cases in addition to improvements in the symptoms of aging, hair loss is not easy, by the haggard pale face becomes red, visual acuity improved, in some cases function has also been improved.
Other roles
Wolfberry contains citric acid, betaine, on the treatment of liver disease, has a good effect. In addition, the medlar of chronic atrophic gastritis, leukopenia, obesity, decreased sperm infertility, also has some secondary effects.

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