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Wolfberry extract plant sources

Wolfberry extract plant sources
Wolfberry Ningxia wolfberry to the Solanaceae plant Lycium barbarum L. fruits. Summer and autumn harvest when the fruit was orange-red, dry skin to wrinkle, and then exposure to the skin dry and hard, the flesh is soft, remove stems. Oval-shaped fruit traits, length 6 ~ 18mm, diameter 6 ~ 8mm. Surface of the bright red or dark red, with irregular wrinkles, slightly shiny, top marks have Style, there is another side stems marks. Quality, soft, flesh thick, sticky, containing 25 to 50 seeds. Seeds flat kidney-shaped, long to 2.5mm, width to 2mm, soil yellow. Gas micro, sweet, slightly acidic. Ingredients: Wolfberry polysaccharide, betaine (betaine), corn flavin (zeaxanthine), carotenoids and amino acids.

Nourishing the liver and kidney, smart head. For consumptive sperm loss, waist and knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, heat Diabetes, blood deficiency chlorosis, head faint unknown. Promote the role of the immune system, but also has immunomodulatory effects; can increase blood testosterone levels, from the strong role; to promote the role of hematopoietic function; of normal healthy people also have a significant role in l white blood cells; also anti-aging, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor , fat, liver protection and anti-fatty liver, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure.

Chemical composition
Wolfberry contains 3.39 mg% carotene, thiamine, 0.23 mg% 0.33 mg% riboflavin, niacin 1.7 mg%, 3 mg% ascorbic acid.
Still isolated β-sitosterol, linoleic acid.
Wolfberry fruit in Japan flavin-containing corn, betaine, and a thiamine inhibitor.
Red berry fruit acid elements.

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