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Basic information of wolfberry extract

Basic information of wolfberry extract
Chinese name: Wolfberry Extract
English name: Barbury Wolfberry fruit PE
Latin Literature name: Lycium barbarum L
Appearance: brown powder
Specifications: LBP 20% 30% 50%

The main component
LBP (Lycium barbarum polysaccharides) is a water-soluble polysaccharide. Department has made it clear that the polysaccharide proteoglycan, a molecular weight of 22 ~ 25kD, the arabinose, glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose, rhamnose, six kinds of monosaccharide composition, content of 20%, 50% (UV). Light yellow powder, hygroscopic. Water solubility: soluble in water, no precipitation of heavy metals index: As <1.0ppm, Cd <2ppm, Cr <1ppm, Pb <2ppm, Hg <0.5ppm
Health indicators: the number of bacteria <1,000 / g of E. coli, the number of live mites not detected mold <100 / g Loss on Drying: ≤ 9%.
Betaine (betaine) Molecular formula: C5H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 117.15
 CAS :107-43-7
 Melting point: 301 ° C
 Water Solubility: 160 g/100 mL
 Properties: pure betaine is white hygroscopic crystalline, neutral, stability, good fluidity. Betaine hydrochloride is a white hygroscopic powder or crystal, PH = 0.8 ~ 1.2. 40% betaine as a light yellow powder, neutral, easy to moisture absorption, stability, good fluidity.

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