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Cistanche tubulosa Extract overview and introduction

Cistanche tubulosa Extract
Latin name: Cistanche deserticola
Chinese name: Cistanche
Section: Orobanchaceae
Is: Cistanche is
Using the site: succulent stems
Cistanche is a kind of origin in North America and East Asia, annual parasitic plant, its growth in the northeastern United States and China, sandy soil. In the spring, when the seedlings have not grown or just when the ground was dug up, then cut flower, cut into sheets and dried in the sun, it is called "sweet Cistanche." And those collected in the fall and soaked in salt water, is called "salty BREE"; in the removal of salt, its been sliced​​, dried in the sun or water and Steamed and dried in the air.

Cistanche stem is a kind of kidney rejuvenation tonic, helps support and strengthen kidney function. When a weak kidney function (such as edema cases) or when the kidneys and other organs can not balance (such as urinary incontinence). Cistanche also very effective for male impotence, and will lead to an increase of sexuality beyond sexual desire increased.

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