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Cistanche tubulosa Extract function
Cistanche tubulosa Extract function
1 impotence
According to modern scientific research, Cistanche testosterone may play a similar role in promoting sexual desire and ability. Cistanche can stimulate sperm production and semen secretion by the seminal vesicle filled so as to promote sexual desire. Cistanche also shows strong overall physical ability. The herb can inhibit class gonadotropin (hormone like) effects, and will not affect the bodys normal testosterone balance. According to traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used as aphrodisiac, and display can be used for impotence. Cistanche also shown the efficacy of premature ejaculation. Cistanche can help regulate the neuroendocrine male reproductive system, thereby maintaining a normal hormonal balance to help other herbs play a role.
2 Immune Support
Cistanche extract water-soluble components in the humoral and cellular immune function observed enhancements, and increased spleen and thymus weight, and increase the conversion rate of lymphocytes. Cistanche also shown anti-aging function, which allows red blood cells in mice with superoxide dismutase activity was significantly increased.
3 constipation
Cistanche often used as a laxative to treat due to intestinal dryness caused by constipation. The effect is enhanced by intestinal movement in mice has been confirmed.
Edit this paragraph safety
Cistanche is not taking reports of serious side effects after. The same is American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) as "basic security when appropriate doses."
Used to enhance sexual performance generally recommended dose is 16% with daily doses of standard polyphenols Cistanche extract 200-400mg.

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