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Mulberry Fruit Extract introduction

Mulberry extract English: Mulberry Fruit Extract
Extract Source: The product Sankoh mulberry Morus alba L.

plant dry ear traits: red-brown fine powder. Bugan kidney, nourishing fluid, laxative. You can also speed up skin regeneration, skin lightening, skin soft and elastic.

The efficacy of mulberry child:
 Liver and kidney tonic, nourishing yin, there are effects of UFA, the interest rate the wind, Liver eyesight, hangover, improve sleep, improve immunity, anti-aging, beauty, lower cholesterol, prevent cancer. Mulberry powder, rich in protein, essential amino acids, fructose and easily absorbed vitamins and iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals, trace elements such as selenium and carotenoids, such as cellulose.

The role of mulberry child:
1  mulberry fatty acids decompose fat, lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries and so on.
2, Mulberry contains UFA elements, change the hair black and glossy.
3, mulberry to improve blood supply to the skin, nutrition, skin, soft white skin and black hair, etc., and can delay aging.
4, mulberry with immune function, can prevent cancer.
5, mulberry good nourishing yin, Health and body fluid, liver and kidney Yinxue and allowances for losses diabetes, intestinal dry embolism.
6, eat mulberry can improve eyesight, relieve symptoms of dry eye fatigue.

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