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Major components of garlic extract

Major components of garlic extract
Garlic in carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients and trace elements account for about 15% of its weight, 15% crude fiber, moisture 70%, of which about 0.24% garlic oil -0.3%. Fresh stem with about 2% volatile oil, oil the main component of allicin (allicin, 2-propene-1-Sulfinothioic acid, S-2-propenyl ester [539-86-6]; C6H10OS2; molecular weight of 162.27; yellow liquid with garlic smell odor; water solubility of 2.5% (10 °), and ethanol, ether and benzene miscible; alkali unstable to heat, acid stable), as a phytoncide. In addition, still contain trace amounts of iodine. Allicin is a colorless oily liquid with a characteristic pungent strong smell, smell the same with the garlic, unstable, and its heat or alkali solution can fail, but not acid effect. No fresh garlic allicin, but there is a colorless, odorless sulfur-containing amino acids, known as garlic acid (alltin, C6H11O3NS), this acid by the garlic in the garlic enzyme (allinase) decomposition of allicin and two propenyl disulfide (diallyl disulfide). The whole plant has also been reported yet with garlic garlic ring acid (cycloalliin, C6H11O3NS 3 - methyl -1:4 thiazide -5-- acid -1-- oxide). System with garlic and streptozotocin (allistatin). Volatile sulfur compounds contained in garlic oil, has been reported for the methyl allyl - sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, diallyl - sulfide, allyl methyl disulfide, dimethyl trisulfide, diallyl disulfide, methyl allyl trisulfide, and diallyl sulfide.

In recent years, some garlic and garlic oil on Qujing production were analyzed, 20 compounds were identified: 6 - methyl - 1 - thia 2,4 - cyclohexadiene (6-methyl-1-thi-2, 4 -cyclohexadiene); 5 - methyl-1 ,2 - disulfide complex -3-- cyclopentene (5-methyl-1 ,2-dithi-3-cyclopentene); 4 - methyl-1 ,2 - mixed disulfide -3 cyclopentene (4-methyl-1, 2-dithi-3-cyclopentene); 4 - vinyl-1 ,2,3 - Three thia -5-- cyclohexene (4-vinyl -1,2, 3-trithi-5-cyclohexene) and methyl allyl five sulfide (allyl methyl pentasulfide) and so on.

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