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Garlic extract of Primary role
Garlic extract of Primary role
1, broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial and strong. Allicin against Gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria have a very strong role in the killing, which can effectively inhibit the fish, livestock and poultry Nagami diseases.
2, seasoning attractant, to improve feed quality. Has a strong, pure garlic smell, and can replace other feed flavoring agent. Can improve the odor of feed and stimulate fish, livestock and poultry have a strong attractant effect, so that increased appetite, increased feed intake. 3, enhance immunity, promote livestock and poultry, fish, healthy growth. In feed amount of allicin, after intake of animal fur bright, infirmity, disease resistance increased, decreased feed consumption, increase egg production hens, fish and poultry can promote growth and improve survival.
4, to improve the quality of animals, in feed amount of allicin, can be effectively stimulate the flavor of the meat produced in the formation of amino acids, increase the smell of animals, meat or eggs produced ingredients, so that the animal meat or egg flavor more delicious. 5, lower toxic insect, mold preservation. Allicin in feed can have the clear warm, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation function, can significantly reduce the feed of mercury, cyanide, nitrite toxicity and other harmful substances. Can effectively get rid of worms, flies, mites, etc., protect the quality of feed, improving the role of the environment within the animal building.
  6, non-toxic, no side effects, no drug residues, no drug resistance. Sterilization with natural ingredients allicin, in vivo metabolism of the prototype, the main features distinguish it from other antibiotics is non-toxic, no side effects, no drug residues, no drug resistance. Continuous use, and have anti-virus and improve the egg fertilization rate and other effects.
7, anti-coccidiosis. Allicin on chicken coccidia with good effect, in the non-infected coccidia alternative anticoccidial drugs.

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