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Lycopene relevant research

Lycopene relevant research

Lycopene (Lycopene), also known as ψ-carotene, are isoprene compounds, is a carotenoid. Since the first isolated from tomatoes obtained, it is called lycopene. In the past people have always thought that only those with β-ionone ring and can be converted into vitamin A carotenoids, such as α-carotene, β-carotene and other only with human nutrition and health related, but due to lack of lycopene this structure does not have the physiological activity of vitamin A, so this is rare. However, recent studies have found that lycopene has excellent physiological functions, which not only has anti-cancer tumor suppressor effect, but also for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, and other adult diseases, strengthens the immune system and anti-aging and so has significance, is a promising new type of functional natural pigment. To this end, the authors review the literature based on lycopene Research.
The molecular structure of lycopene
1910, Willstaller and Escher in the study of lycopene for the first time to determine its molecular formula is C40H56, molecular weight of 536.85 in 1930, Karrer, who suggested that lycopene is a chemical structural formula contains 11 conjugated double keys and two non-conjugated double bonds of the non-planar ring polyunsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons, can be formed through the ring of β-carotene. Are naturally occurring all-trans-lycopene, but by high temperature cooking, frying and other processing methods enable lycopene from the trans configuration to the cis-configuration changes, and the residue dried tomatoes or dried tomatoes in cis-configuration there will be some changes. The study also showed that lycopene cis-isomers and trans isomers of different physical and chemical properties, compared with the trans-isomers of lycopene cis-isomers of the low melting point, molar extinction coefficient is small, polar, easily crystallized, more soluble, but also in the placement process may return to all-trans state.

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