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The production process of lycopene

Harvard University and Canadian researchers found that middle-aged male sterile prostate tissue lycopene content decreased, and this phenomenon has a very important men associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy. And found that the effective supply of the appropriate dose of lycopene, can help reduce prostate enlargement and cancer. People who consume large amounts of lycopene, the risk of prostate cancer is relatively low. Number of studies have shown that high blood levels of lycopene than men with low levels of lycopene in the blood of men suffering from cancer, the probability of such greatly reduced.
New Delhi, India doctors found lycopene can improve the quality of male sperm, the experiment, 23 to 45 years of infertile men were asked to oral lycopene twice a day, every six mg. Three months later, re-check their sperm concentration, activity and shape, three-quarters of male sperm mobility and morphology significantly improved sperm concentration improved significantly. In the end of the experiment, six pregnant wife, therefore, the experimental results with substantial statistical significance. Testosterone in healthy men, the high lycopene content, but lower in infertile men. The oral lycopene in the treatment of unexplained male infertility has a significant effect.

Lycopene production process
Production methods are mainly three types:

1, chemical synthesis, advantages: low cost, simple production technology. Disadvantages: contains a large number of synthetic lycopene is not conducive to long-term use and can not be divorced from the chemical residues contain.
2, biosynthesis (enzymatic and fermentation) advantages: low cost, fast, simple process. Disadvantages: contains organic solvent residue.
3, co2 supercritical fluid extraction. Advantages: physical extraction, no chemical residue and residual organic solvents, high purity. Disadvantages: high cost of production, extraction complex.

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