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The effect and security of resveratrol

Pisa, Italy, a group of scientists found that grapes contain resveratrol can help fish life extension. Received more than 100 fish in the experiment, 30 were fed a small amount of resveratrol daily, 60 were fed the amount, 20 were fed a large quantity, the results of the first group of fish was seen what effect, group 2 fish The life expectancy by 27%, Group 3 fish life expectancy by 50%. This is the first time scientists have found that resveratrol also has longevity on the role of vertebrates.

Weight loss
Because resveratrol has anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect and love into peoples favorite, plant sources said that because the French consumption of a variety of high fat material containing resveratrol, so the French crown heart disease incidence at the end of other Western countries, from this information that resveratrol can effectively suppress because the high-fat rats. At present, some countries and regions to resveratrol and its development of resveratrol as a dietary supplement products.

Clinical application

Since resveratrol has a variety of biological and pharmacological activity, it is widely used in food, medicine, health products, cosmetics and other fields. Resveratrol has excellent function of their pharmacological activity and health is large and the demand-increasing, there are most of the countries and regions have developed resveratrol and its products. United States has resveratrol as a dietary supplement, Japan has extracted from the plant as resveratrol resveratrol-containing food additives China has made of lipid-lowering plant extracts beauty of the natural health food.

There is no intake of high doses of resveratrols safety and side effects were reported. Since resveratrol is its function in the play so effectively, hence the lower the dose. Normal dose range in which there is no notable adverse effects were reported.

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