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Production methods and Synthetic of resveratrol

Production methods
Extracted from plants
From plants such as Polygonum cuspidatum containing resveratrol, grape extract. Resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum extract the current study are more generally use the following method.
Alcohol formulation: use more ethanol extraction or Soxhlet extraction. Zhang ultrasonic orthogonal design to determine the optimal conditions for the alcohol: 95 to 15 times the amount of ethanol, was extracted 3 times, 2 h / sub E. 50 is also useful to extract ethanol or methanol.
Water formulation: Take Polygonum cuspidatum meal decoction, filter. Concentrate. Dissolved in ethanol with 95 filters, cleaning, recovery of ethanol. Extracted four times with ethyl acetate, combined extracts. Recovery of ethyl acetate to extract shaped vacuum, dissolved in dilute alcohol, place, filter, precipitate is resveratrol glucoside E.

TLC: This method can be used resveratrol and Polygonum cuspidatum other anthraquinones effective separation. TLC conditions: mobile phase: 3 n-hexadecane solution of ammonium bromide (CTAB)-acetyl acetone (8:1.4) in slightly alkaline solution; stationary phase: polyamide ceiling. Take Polygonum cuspidatum powder set conical flask, add 95 amount of ethanol, dipping a few hours, take the point on the polyamide plate ethanol solution to the developing agent to start up, you can isolate resveratrol l8].

Supercritical fluid technology: Cao Yong and other supercritical CO. Fluid technology Polygonum cuspidatum extract from veratryl alcohol to obtain a preliminary extraction conditions _9]. The technology has the ability extraction, extraction rate, low operating temperature, extraction time fast, simple process, easy operation, cleaning, etc., represent the future extraction of resveratrol and even the direction of development of Chinese medicine.

Because resveratrol content in plants is very low, and high extraction costs, the use of chemical methods for synthesis of this very real sense, two methods described below.

To 3,5-hydroxyphenyl methanol as starting material, by methylation, bromination, Arbuzov rearrangement reaction of an intermediate 3,5 dimethoxy benzyl phosphate, and then with anisaldehyde by Wittig-Horner condensation and de-methylation of 5-step reaction of resveratrol. Advantages are: less reaction steps, easy to operate, to generate selective high trans-resveratrol _1.

It was also the anise alcohol as raw material, bromination, Arbuzov rearrangement reaction intermediates of methoxy benzyl phosphate, and then with 3,5-methoxybenzaldehyde through Wittig-Horner condensation reaction and de-A based synthesis of 4-step reaction product of trans-resveratrol. The synthetic route advantages: fewer reaction steps, easy to get cheap raw materials.

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