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Physical properties of sodium alginate

Physical properties
D-mannose β anhydrous sodium alginate honey Department of sodium formaldehyde polymer.
1 form
Sodium alginate is white or light yellow powder, almost odorless and tasteless.
2 Solubility
Alginate soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform and other organic solvents. Into a viscous liquid soluble in water, 1% aqueous solution pH of 6-8. When the pH = 6-9 when the viscosity stability, and heated to 80 ℃ lower than when the viscosity
3 toxicity
Sodium alginate toxic, LD50> 5000mg/kg.
4, the gelation
Chelating agents on the properties of sodium alginate solution, chelating agents can be complex systems of divalent ions, making the alginate to stabilize in the system.
5 thickening and film
(1) as a beverage / dairy products such as sodium alginate thickener thickening has the unique advantage: good flow of sodium alginate, added after the drinks taste so smooth; and disinfection process can prevent the viscosity of the product down phenomenon. In the use of sodium alginate as a thickener, you should make full use of the larger molecular weight products, amount of added Ca. . Can greatly improve the viscosity of sodium alginate.

(2) as a stabilizer of ice cream and other cold drinks is a high-grade sodium alginate stabilizer, which makes ice cream and other cold foods to produce a smooth appearance, silky texture. As the thermal stability of calcium alginate to form irreversible gels, and therefore in the transport, storage process will not become rough (ice crystal growth), does not occur due to temperature fluctuations caused by the deformation of ice cream; while eating ice cream when this is no smell, not only improves the rate of expansion has increased the melting point, making the product quality and efficiency has improved significantly. Products taste smooth, delicate taste good. Add the amount of low, generally 1-3 ‰, foreign dosage 5-10 ‰.
(3) as a stabilizer of dairy products and beverages with sodium alginate and stability of frozen milk with good taste, non-sticky feel and a sense of stiffness, stirring from time to time in the sticky, and a sluggish feeling.

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