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Sodium alginate in the application of pharmaceutical preparations

In the application of pharmaceutical preparations
Back in 1938 had revenues of sodium alginate United States Pharmacopoeia. Alginate in the British Pharmacopoeia 1963 revenue. Alginic acid is insoluble in water, but will expand into the water. Thus, traditionally, sodium alginate as a tablet binder, and alginate for immediate-release tablets disintegrant. However, the tablet properties of alginate depend on the amount of prescription in place, and in some cases, sodium alginate can promote tablet disintegration. Sodium alginate can be added in the granulation process, rather than in powder form after granulation join, so the production process easier. Compared with the use of starch, the mechanical strength of the system into a larger piece.

Sodium alginate is also used for suspensions, gels, and the fats and oils as a substrate for the production of concentrated emulsions. Sodium alginate for some liquid drugs, can increase viscosity, improve solid suspension. Propylene glycol alginate can improve emulsion stability. Controlled release drug delivery system in the health care account for a very important position. Water-soluble drug particles isolated from the gel medium to minimize the time before to ensure maximum drug loading. However, this water-insoluble drugs is not important. They found that the drug release and solubility of the drugs used.

One researcher reported that alginate gel particles with pH-sensitive swelling, such as particles in distilled water or acidic medium (pH1.5KCl-HCl) no change in pH7.0 phosphate buffer rapidly swelling the size become larger. Acid-sensitive sodium alginate This feature is useful for drugs, drugs can attack from the acid, and dried gel swelling in the small intestine to allow the desired rate of drug release.

Another researcher by acidic conditions in sodium alginate crosslinked with glutaraldehyde ethanol solution into the preparation containing diclofenac sodium (slightly soluble in water) sodium alginate controlled release pellets. Embedding rate of 30% to 71%, its value depends on the preparation conditions. Preparation of the ball when the temperature or prolonged exposure to the material cross-linking, embedding rate will decrease, prolonged drug release.

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