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Practical application of mannitol
Practical application of mannitol
Food Industry
Sugar and sugar alcohol mannitol in water absorption in the smallest, and has a refreshing sweetness, for maltose, gum, cake and other food, anti-sticking, as well as general anti-sticking pink cakes, diabetic patients can also be used with food , bodybuilding foods low calorific value, low-sugar sweeteners, food intake each day to see if it is likely to exceed 20g, then the label should indicate "excessive consumption may produce laxative effects."
Chemical Industry
Mannitol as the starting dose and propylene oxide and KOH catalyst, 100 ~ 150 ℃ pressure and made of poly-mannitol - propylene oxide ether is widely used in the plastics industry, mannitol poly - propylene oxide ether-based rigid polyurethane foam oil resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance are good dimensional stability, heat resistance is as high as 180 ℃. In the fine chemical industry, the stearic acid and mannitol in the presence of alkaline catalyst esterification reaction of stearic acid mannitol ester widely used: as a food emulsifier, dispersant can be used in cakes, candy, drinks, etc. , but also for the paint, textile, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industry, emulsifier and dispersing agent. Polyoxypropylene mannitol two oil ester (trade name: Atlas G-2800) is also a good wetting agent and emulsifier. In addition, mannitol is used to produce synthetic glycerin rosin ester and resins, explosives, detonators (nitrification mannitol), in the plastics industry as a PVC plasticizer, in cosmetics as a moisturizing agent. Used in chemical analysis the determination of boron. For bacterial culture on the biological agent detection.
Pharmaceutical industry
Filler for tablets
Mannitol is often used as tablet fillers (10% to 90%), due to its non-hygroscopic, so for the water-sensitive tablet drugs particularly valuable, easy to dry their grain. Excipients for direct compression tablets and chewable tablets of the flavoring agent mannitol for dissolution endothermic, sweet, have oral discomfort, it is more widely used in medicine to sober up, the mouth cool agent chewable tablets manufacturing, The particle type designed for direct compression excipients. Mannitol can be used as the base material of nitroglycerin tablets.

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