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The effect of mannitol
The effect of mannitol:
Osmotic diuretic mannitol is the best and dehydrating agent, can prevent and treat acute renal injury, pressure control and brain edema, increased intraocular pressure, prevention and treatment of cerebral edema, glaucoma has an important role. Therefore, in a relatively large number of clinical use. The main role of mannitol on renal tubular reabsorption of water is suppressed, so that the original can not be effective to maintain osmotic pressure, so that the volume increases, and protect the kidneys play a detoxification role. Because of this, it is acknowledged that mannitol has the following effect:
1, mannitol diuretic dehydration. Mannitol can reduce cerebral edema, decreased blood viscosity and cerebral vasodilation, thereby improving cerebral blood flow, maintain the automatic regulation of the brain. Also increase coronary blood flow, minimize ischemic myocardial damage and range. Because mannitol than in medically important role, so in all hospitals, mannitol is a diuretic drug of choice for drainage, mannitol injection are of essential drugs.
2, due to mannitol in blood vessels, can absorb moisture from the body fluids, which played a role in dilation of blood vessels. So in medicine, mannitol is widely used in cerebral vasodilator for the treatment of cerebral infarction. Because of its role in the expansion of blood vessels, indirect mannitol can play lower blood pressure, medicinal effect.
3, In addition, mannitol is not easy in the human gastrointestinal absorption, so it is a mild laxative, for the long-term treatment of constipation has a good effect.
4, recent studies have shown that mannitol armpit protein on calcium phosphate precipitation of peptide slow performance enhancement. Armpit protein phosphatase peptide is the most studied and most effective in promoting calcium absorption factor. It works with calcium to form soluble complexes of calcium in the small intestine to prevent neutral or slightly alkaline environment in the formation of precipitation, while in the absence of vitamin D is involved in intestinal absorption under the conditions played a role in calcium. Chewing gum in caries prevention by adding mannitol, calcium phosphate precipitation can enhance the role of its delay, help the body to absorb calcium.

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