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Mannitol main role

Mannitol main role:
Mannitol as a six yuan sugar alcohol, except with the stable, physiological and metabolic characteristics do not need insulin, but also has its own unique physical properties.
Mannitol as a health functional role, but also more and more people to understand. With the expansion of mannitol production and peoples health awareness, heart and cardiovascular system mannitol on the health effects and cancer prevention function of the cardiovascular system is also being recognized as more and more, began a major expansion into mannitol functional food and health food industry.
Mannitol in medicine:
(1) tissue dehydration medicine. For the treatment of various causes of cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure and prevent herniation.
(2) reduce the intraocular pressure. Can effectively reduce intraocular pressure, applied to other intraocular pressure lowering drugs ineffective or eye surgery preparation.
(3) The permeability of diuretics. Used to identify factors or prerenal acute renal failure caused by oliguria. Can also be used in the prevention of causes of acute tubular necrosis.
(4) as a supplementary measure of diuretic treatment of nephrotic syndrome, cirrhosis, especially when accompanied by hypoproteinemia time.
(6) over the amount of certain drugs or toxic poisoning (such as barbiturates, lithium, and bromide, salicylate, etc.), the drug can promote the excretion of these substances, and to prevent renal toxicity.
(6) as a washing agent, used for transurethral resection of the prostate.
(7) preoperative bowel preparation.

Other relevant reports that mannitol can be used for indigestion, obstinate constipation, angina pectoris. In clinical applications, but also for the treatment of viral hepatitis, prevention of hepatic coma, bile duct ascariasis, acute cholecystitis, acute pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, abdominal distension and other diseases.

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