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Folic acid products
Folic acid products
After folic acid as vitamin C, vitamin E, on the international market after the rise of a new health vitamin product, its market prospect is very broad. Iron folic acid is one of the products.
Iron is essential for growth and development of the "building blocks", normal body iron content of about 45 grams.
1. Iron is a form of hemoglobin, myoglobin, composition, oxygen transport in the human body.
2. Promote antibody production, improve immunity.
3. Enhance the bodys metabolism.
4. Promote growth and reproductive capacity.
5. Promote the decomposition of drug in the liver, enhance detoxification.
Folic acid is a B vitamin. Slightly soluble in water, heat, light, acidic solutions are unstable in neutral and alkaline solution heat-stable, cooked in the loss of up to 50 ~ 90%.
1. Folic acid is a coenzyme required for synthesis of nucleic acids, folic acid deficiencies, affecting nucleic acid synthesis, affecting normal cell division and replication.
2. Helps regulate embryonic development of nerve cells, preventing newborn babies with congenital neural tube defect disorder.
3. Manufacture of red blood cells essential substances (and B12), folic acid anemia prevention and treatment.
4. Protect the mucosa, cell division, decline, regeneration is very active part.
5. Anti-cancer effects, folic acid and niacin one can prevent free radical damage to the chromosomes.

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