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There are particular about folic acid tonic
There are particular about folic acid tonic
Many foods containing folic acid, but folic acid when exposed to light, when heated, unstable, prone to loss of activity, so the body can really get folic acid from food is not much. Such as: vegetables, 2 to 3 days after the folic acid storage loss of 50% to 70%; soup and other food in the cooking method would lead to loss of folic acid 50% to 95%; brine over the vegetables, folic acid ingredients will lose. Therefore, people want to change some of the cooking habits to minimize the loss of folic acid, but also to enhance the intake of food rich in folic acid. To keep a few general guidelines of the Food and Nutrition:
1. Bought fresh vegetables should not be a long time. Production should be washed, cut, now frying, once finished. Emergency fire when cooking stir-fry 3 to 5 minutes. Cooking water should be open and then put the dish to prevent vitamin loss. When do the stuffing out of the food rich in nutrients and water, should not be discarded, can be soup.
2. Wash rice and time not too long, should not be forced to scrub, wash rice should not use hot water; rice to boring rice, steamed rice is appropriate, not to do Conquers, otherwise it would be a huge loss of nutrients.
3. Porridge appropriate to alkali.
4. Do meat, the best meat cut into very fine, thin filaments or small, emergency fire stir-fry. Large piece of meat, fish should be placed in cold water simmer over low heat and burn them thoroughly.
5. Often best not to eat fried foods.

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