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Folic acid supplementation of pregnant women
Folic acid supplementation of pregnant women
1, the critical period of folic acid supplementation of pregnant women
The occurrence of fetal neural tube defects in pregnancy in the first 28 days at a time when most mothers had not been aware of their pregnancy, it faces the risk of folate deficiency, and endangering the unborn baby. Fetal period, the brains most rapid development of the earliest; early pregnancy (3-6 weeks) fetal central nervous system is a critical period of growth and development. 4th week of pregnancy the embryo to form a primitive brain vesicle, although in the first 8 weeks, the fetus is only 3 centimeters in length, weight has increased by only 2 grams more, but this time his brain cells growing and most vulnerable to teratogenic factors the impact. If folic acid at this critical time, the fetuss risk of suffering from neural tube by 50% to 70%. The best time to add folic acid you should be prepared from the first three months of pregnancy throughout the first trimester. Folic acid supplementation is extended to the end of pregnancy, can not pause. In pregnancy, the late baby DNA synthesis, placenta, and red blood cells to increase both the parent organization of your requirement for folic acid increased significantly. So even if the babys nervous system has been fully developed in early pregnancy, but pregnancy, the latter is still a lack of folic acid can cause megaloblastic anemia, preeclampsia, placental abruption occurred.
2, the correct folic acid
Total body folate of about 5 to 6 mg, but his body can not synthesis folic acid intake from food only, to be digested and absorbed. Baby in the mother body continued growth and development, the mother of folic acid transport through the placenta to him, placenta and the uterus is growing, increasing demand for folic acid, if not consciously supplement, folic acid will reduce the level. Folic acid supplementation should start beginning the most natural food supplements, animal liver, kidney, green leafy vegetables are rich in folate, you can often make them appear in your table. Pregnant mothers who want to change some of the cooking habits to minimize the loss of folic acid, but also to enhance the intake of food rich in folic acid.
3, the father and mother together make up
Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy sometimes negligent, not sure she was pregnant, you may miss the best time to add folic acid. Some experts suggest, may be pregnant or plan to be a baby women should pay attention to folic acid daily to prevent the baby to "report" when he was not prepared, by surprise. For the project wanted to be his fathers men, lack of folic acid will reduce the concentration of sperm, the sperm may cause abnormal chromosome segregation, the baby will bring the future the strong possibility of serious illness.

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