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Potassium sorbate use

Cosmetic preservatives. An organic acid preservatives. Dosage is generally 0.5%. Mixed with sorbic acid. Although soluble in water, potassium sorbate, easy to use, but its 1% aqueous solution pH of 7-8, with the tendency to increase the pH of cosmetics, when in use should be noted.
We buy packaging (or canned) food, the ingredients often see a "sorbic acid" or "potassium sorbate" the words, people tend to mistakenly believe that fruit may be "pear" ingredients. In fact, they are commonly used food additives! Whether they do not harm the human body, obviously white consumer is indeed very necessary, the following is the sorbic acid, potassium sorbate information for reference:
Sorbic acid (chemical name: 2,4 - hexamethylene acid
Molecular formula: C6H8O2]
Potassium sorbate (chemical name: 2,4 - hexadiene potassium]
Molecular formula: C6H7KO2)
Sorbic acid, potassium sorbate properties, uses similar:

Sorbic acid is recommended by FAO and WHO, effective and safe preservative widely used in food, beverages, tobacco, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries, as the unsaturated acid, can also be used in resins, spices and rubber industry.

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