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The nature of potassium sorbate

Physical properties
Potassium sorbate is white to light yellow flake-like crystal, crystal grain or crystal powder, odorless or slight odor, long-term exposure to air, easy to absorb moisture, oxidation decomposition and discoloration. Soluble in water, potassium sorbate, 67.6g/100ml (20 ℃); 5% salt water, 47.5g/100ml (room temperature); 25% sugar, 51g/100ml (room temperature). Dissolved in propylene glycol, 5.8g/100ml; ethanol, 0.3g/100ml. 1% aqueous solution of potassium sorbate PH7 ~ 8.

Corrosion resistance
Sorbic acid (potassium) can effectively inhibit molds, yeasts and aerobic bacteria activity, but also to prevent botulism, staphylococcus, salmonella and other harmful micro-organisms grow and reproduce, but the anaerobic bacteria and Bacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus and other beneficial micro-organisms is almost null and void, and its role in curbing the development of more than sterilization, so as to achieve effectively extend the shelf life of food, and keep the original flavor of food. The preservative effect of sodium benzoate was similar products 5-10 times.

Because sorbic acid (potassium) is an unsaturated fatty acid (salt) which can be absorbed by the bodys metabolic system and quickly decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, no residue in the body.
ADI 0-25mg/kg (as sorbic acid, FAO / WHO 1994)
LD50 4920mg/kg (rat, oral)
GRAS (FDA, 182.3640 1994)
Its toxicity is only salt 1 / 2, is sodium benzoate, 1 / 40

Sorbic acid (potassium) in a sealed state is stable when exposed to moist air, easy to absorb water, oxidation and discoloration. Potassium sorbate on the thermal stability, decomposition temperature up to 270 ℃.

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