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Usable range and mode of potassium sorbate

Usable range
Has been widely used in food, beverages, pickles, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agricultural products, feed and other industries, the development trend, and their use is still expanding.
Sorbic acid (potassium) is a preservative acid, near neutral (PH6.0-6.5) there are still a good food preservative effect, and benzoic acid (sodium) preservative effect in PH> 4, the effect has been a marked decline, and there is bad taste.
(1) meat, fish, eggs, poultry products 0.075g/kg
(2) fruit, fresh vegetables, carbonated beverages 0.2g/kg
(3), collagen casings, low-salt pickles, Jiang class, preserves, fruit juice (flavored) drinks, jelly 0.5g/kg (4) food industry plastic bottled juice concentrate 2.0g/kg
(5), soy sauce, vinegar, jam, hydrogenated vegetable oil, candy, dried goods, instant soy foods, pastries, stuffing, bread, cake, moon cake, instant jellyfish, lactic acid bacteria drinks 1.0g/kg
(6) fruit juice (fruit) ice, milk drinks 0.5g/kg
(7) pre-cocktail 0.2g/kg
(8) Meat enema 1.5g/kg
(9) complex seasoning, flavoring syrups, liquid compound seasonings, instant dried 1.0g/kg

Usage mode
In use can be added directly, spraying, dipping, powder spray, in the handling of packaging materials on a variety of ways. Potassium sorbate and bases, oxidizing and reducing agents have incompatibility. When faced with non-ionic surfactants and antimicrobial activity of sorbic acid when the plastic will be reduced. Heavy metal salts can catalyze the oxidation reaction. Sorbic acid can react with sulfur-containing amino acids, but the reaction can be added vitamin C, gallic acid, propyl or butyl hydroxyl toluene to suppress.

When the solution stored in glass containers, is very sensitive to pH. Therefore, the use of potassium sorbate as a preservative agent in saving for a long time after the amount required to detect microorganisms.

If the sorbic acid solution stored in polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene containers without added antioxidants, sorbic acid will quickly degrade.

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